Simple Things

Eddy Mann

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A concept album inspired by the paintings of Thomas Eakins. Each song was derived from the story seen between the brushstrokes of each work of art. A blend of folk-rock, americana, and alternative-country.

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Eddy Mann Finds Inspiration Between the Brushstrokes on ‘Simple Things’

 Indie artist, Eddy Mann, has created an intriquing collection of songs on his latest relase ‘Simple Things.’ The origin of the project can be traced back to a 2015 visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was there that he came upon the works of Philly realist painter Thomas Eakins. Eddy explains, ‘As far back as I can remember, paintings have always had the ability to perk-up my creative juices. As a child, whenever my eyes came upon a painting my imagination would flood with story lines within each brushstroke.’ On this particular visit, the late nineteenth century works of Eakin’s captivated his imagination and brought about the idea for a conceptual album. READ MORE...


Eddy Mann sings straight from the heart on the powerful “Simple Things”. Keeping things to the essentials, Eddy Mann’s vocals rest front and center. With a tremendous knack for storytelling the songs teem with life. Riffs have a welcoming, infectious quality to them. Neatly bringing together folk, classic rock, with a hint of jazz into the proceedings everything has a majesty to it. Such tremendous grace comes to define the entirety of the album as each song plays off the last, making the whole thing akin to a grand journey. READ MORE... 


Awe-inspiring work!

At first as a musician, I created music, then as an A&R executive I challenged it, now as a music reviewer, I explore it.  Of the three, the latter is the most difficult. Criticizing or appraising somebody else’s creation is no easy task. Enjoying it is one thing, understanding it another, and translating it is even more arduous. The funny thing is, I’ve always hated describing music. It’s such a volatile and subjective art, that nobody should really have the authority or the presumptuous audacity to judge the level of enjoyment or emotion any one piece of music is capable of delivering to any one listener. I am also no longer a purist in this field, and believe that music like paintings and other types of art can be appreciated on many levels, and should be allowed to do so. READ MORE...


 “Simple Things” comes straight from the heart, proving Eddy Mann to be a highly gifted storyteller. Eddy Mann crafts entire worlds out of each of these pieces, exploring characters with tremendous ease. Over the course of the album, Eddy Mann incorporates elements of folk, country, rock, all neatly framed within the singer-songwriter tradition. With a playfulness the entire album comes together into a perfectly realized whole. Guitar work feels sculpted with a tremendous ease. Whole histories appear over the course of the grand journey. Rhythms possess an infectious quality to them, driving forward with incredible determination. READ MORE...