From the recording Simple Things

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In her eyes you can witness her secrets
Like a book that tells chapter and verse
All the thrills and the chills of a lifetime
All the tears and the fears even worse
Written in unfading colors
Creatively numbered and strung
There in the chambers of my lonely heart
The portrait of Mary is hung

On her face you can read her emotions
Like a text that is written in caps
All the anger and angst of the lovelorn
All the somber relational taps
Indelibly etched for all seasons
Composed and regrettably sung
There in the middle of my empty soul
The portrait of Mary is hung

By her tenor you can feel her longing
Like a ship blown off course in the night
All the missing and second-guessing
All the arguments fueled by spite
Forever emblazoned on her sleeve
Like a beacon for all to see
There hanging out for the world to view
The portrait of Mary ...without me

© 2015 Eddy Mann
Hissongs ~ ASCAP