From the recording Simple Things

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She could turn heads in the loudest of venues
Without being seen or heard
She could raise hell in the wildest of outings
Without being branded absurd
She could be heard in the still of the crowd
Without being all of that
Still she could lift hearts in an ominous moment
She's the girl in a big hat

She could pierce holes in the tallest of lies
Without being sharp of tongue
She could plant doubt in the surest of men
Without being temptingly young
She could sink ships before they were cast
Without being labeled a rat
Still she could calm fears in the worst of times
She's the girl in a big hat

Nobody bothered to understand
Everyone turned their heads to the sand

She could burn bridges before they were built
Without being vulgar or crude
She could wreck women with one lethal word
Without being openly rude
She could cause havoc with one cunning smile
Without being labeled a brat
Still she could love when nobody else would
She's the girl in a big hat

© 2015 Eddy Mann
Hissongs ~ ASCAP