From the recording Simple Things

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You call me cowboy
You call me cowboy in the badlands
In the desert; in the barrens; in the wasteland

I'm not naive to think
You mean it ‘cause you say it sweet
That all you really want is what's best for me
You seemingly get satisfaction
Speaking in a tone distraction
Dressing everything about me down below my knees

You’re not some fool myopic
Meandering the optic
Believing any topic you spit out will interest me
When everyone who has a one
Would know the truth under the sun
And share it in a way that doesn't compromise

So saddle up and dig your pony
Don't dismiss the lost and lonely
Everyone can be the only one in their life
That understands the daunting strife
That knows the blade that fits the knife
That cuts so deep that makes you weep and then it walks away

© 2015 Eddy Mann
Hissong ~ ASCAP