From the recording Simple Things

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I've got a six-string strapped to my back
One my daddy passed down to me
Loaded with songs and always in tune
Ready whenever it need be

Oh my fingers are poised at the ready
Never more then a downbeat away
Finding their way on a rosewood neck
Dancing ‘round the harmony

Home on the range where I lay my head down
Where my darling nestles next to me
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
Where a cowboy sings of destiny

I've got a foot that knows nothing but stompin'
Keeping it steady ‘till coda’s end
Holding the tempo with metronome time
Kissing wood and the backbeat’s friend

When the cowboy sings
When the cowboy sings it's all good

© 2015 Eddy Mann
Hissongs ~ ASCAP