It’s rare nowadays to find an artist that spiritually captivates you in the way Eddy Mann does. ” - Justyn Brodsky

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Eddy Mann is a smile for the soul. He’s a combination of cultural and spiritual traditions living in an ever evolving neighborhood. He’s ever comfortable in his hometown Philly roots that speak of peace, and brotherly love. An award winning, and prolific singer-songwriter that has moved gracefully through fourteen diverse albums, his loving colors have always been honestly on display. 

Being brought up in a faithful home that featured his father, a be-bop pianist, and his mother a culture sharing creative, his influences are far and wide both musically, philosophically, and spiritually. It was that broad pallet from which to draw on that has inspired his differing shades of music from album to album. 

In Eddy’s words, "I’m driven to write, to record, and to perform by the opportunity to bring a smile, a light, or just a moment of peace to someone in need. That’s why I get up each day, that’s my part to play in this story, and that’s why I’ll continue to write about my experiences getting through each day." 

'Folk blues with swag” ~ Jason Ramsey (Altarwork) 

"5 W’s with Eddy Mann" -  No Depression Magazine 

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