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Review: 'Simple Things' - Awe Inspiring Work! 

Eddy has put together a conceptual album inspired by the paintings of Thomas Eakins of which you can read the entire story here. Ashamedly ignorant on the subject, I have to admit to not knowing much about Eakins’ works at all. Will that mean I cannot reap any satisfaction from the music and songs within this album? No! Why? Because Eddy Mann, being an intelligent composer, ‘allows’ me the possibility of reveling within his work, at a level that suits both my emotional and cerebral needs. 

So when the first song, “When The Cowboy Sings”, kicks in, and the shimmering guitars strum through the verses, while Eddy’s voice resonates dominantly in the mix, I am totally swept away by the warm, and all-embracing sound that engulfs my senses.

Interview: Mid Tenn Music ~ 'Simple Things' 

Our friend Eddy Mann is back with new music and I took a few moments to catch up with him about the new project, Simple Things, as well as ask about the overall response to his last release. Pre-ordering for Simple Things begins on March 6th (2018).

It’s been a while since we last spoke, has how the response been to The Consequence? 

I’ve really enjoyed supporting ‘The Consequence’ over the past year and a half. The title song has opened up some wonderful opportunities for me, not to mention countless conversations with some really fine people. The album itself has garnered good reviews and has been warmly embraced as a whole. There are a few songs, like ‘All I Need Is You’ and the title song, that are gonna remain in the setlist for the immediate future, and a few that we haven’t done much that’ll probably get a reworking.


I'm writing this from a barrier island in South Florida and can't help but appreciate the blessings in my life. It's amazing to me how we grow unaware of the grace that's poured out into our lives everyday. We live a life of blind abundance, surrounded by the most astonishing love.

This month is the seventh anniversary of a song that I wrote on Valentine's Eve back in 2011. At the time my life was a collection of colliding calls. Musician, teacher, worship leader, coach, father, husband, son... the list was endless and so were my days.

It's the only time in my twenty-seven plus years of marriage that I forgot, or rather put off, a Valentine's gift. So as the hour drew late on that winter night I prayed for some divine help in creating something special for my wife.

Another Trip Around the Sun 

Well here we go again, off on yet another trip around the sun. We make this trek year after year, time and again, and often it results in unrealized goals. That's mostly because we create unrealistic expectations. 

All this while we're on the heels of celebrating the greatest gift ever. A gift that promises to lead us to a fruitful destination. And how will this happen, because he's designed the perfect plan for us to succeed. So maybe instead of coming up with our own promise to keep, we should just rely on the promise that has already been born and sacrificed for us.

My prayer is that we begin anew this year with a renewed dependency on His unfailing promise.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018 (8:00am)
Pre-Release Date
'Simple Things' Album
Featuring the 'Dancing Lesson'

Tuesday, April 03, 2018 (8:00am)
Release Date
'Simple Things' Album
Featuring the 'Dancing Lesson'

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