From the recording Stars Under My Feet

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I’m resting in your arms
Like I've never done before
I’ve got a rainbow wrapped around my mind
And an angel knocking on my door

I’m waiting on your promise
I’ve never known this kind of calm
I’ve got a heart that’s counting down the hours
And a soul that's chanting a psalm

This feels like a dream I’ve imagined 
This feels like a wish that’s bittersweet
I’m sensing a now that’s beyond surreal 
Tell me, are there stars under my feet?
Tell me!

I’m watching for your advent
I’ve never questioned when or where
I’ve got a destiny to realize
And a promised mercy chair

I'm moving ever closer
Closer to beyond my frontier
I've got a vision of eternity  
And a miracle about to appear

Peace lays easy on my heart
Hope breaths sweetly over me
Joy springs forth like a fountain 
Love shines naturally

© 2017 Eddy Mann
Hissongs | ASCAP