1. Someday

From the recording Stars Under My Feet

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I went to bed a child 
And woke a lifetime later
A silhouette of who I used to be
A scattered rush of moments 
Missed or worse forgotten 
An epitaph of frittered diggity

I sense my mother’s worry
I hear my father’s words
I see my back walking away
You can cry, stormy Monday
You can thank God for Friday
But blink and it’ll be someday

Walking the beach when the surf’s out
Pining your mountain away
Sleeping til noon on a weekday
Someday could happen today

I wandered without purpose
And tuned a stone deaf ear
I figured someday, somehow
Someday was oh so later 
Someday was down the road
But someday just happened to me now

© 2017 Eddy Mann
Hissongs | ASCAP