1. Amen!

From the recording Chapel Songs

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See the little baby
Lying in a manger
On Christmas morning 

See him in the temple
Talking to the elders
How they marveled at his wisdom

See him in the Jordan 
When heaven did open
And the white dove descended

See him in the desert
Up against darkness
(For) forty days and nights

See him in Cana
See him at the wedding
(See him turn) turning water into wine

See him at the seaside
Preaching and healing
The blind and feeble 

See him at the table
With the bread and wine
Revealing his passion

See him in the garden
Praying to his father
In deepest sorrow

Then they crucified him
Jesus our Savior
And he rose on Easter

See the risen Jesus
Living eternal
Within you and me

© 2020 Eddy Mann
Hissongs | ASCAP