From the recording IHS

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There are no throw away days. There are no days that don'r count for something. There are no days where you aren't be held accountable. There just aren't! You see, each day is yours, It's yours to fulfill His plan in your life. It's yours to make a difference in the world. Each and every day is numbered and carefully planned for you to prosper. So get up, you belong to the day. Linger in His presence, and be saved! Be free! Be healed!


We belong to the day and must not squander it
The hours are precious and few
No bickering, no quarreling
Dress yourself in Truth

Get up, we belong to the day, don’t linger
Get up, we belong to the day, don’t loiter
Get up, we belong to the day, be up and about
Get up, we belong to the day!

Free us
Free us to linger
Free us to linger in your presence

Save us
Free us
Heal us

© 2018 Eddy Mann
Hissongs / ASCAP