From the recording IHS

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Movin' about through the dawn of light
A ghostly luminary
Dancin' around my stumbling tongue
Shuffling through the dictionary
Framing the flow in perfect love
The poetry of romance
Invited to coalesce the divine
Converging in the great dance

Drawing life and energy
Blessed to endear it
Communing with the trinity
Father, Son and Spirit
Adding moves of fondness
A loving circumstance
Fully in with soul revealed
Uniting in the great dance

The great dance
The great dance
The great dance of the divine

Waltzing down the darkness
Peacefully nonviolent
Gracefully companioned
Confidently silent
Believing on the promise
Denying all happenstance
Prayerfully among the Three
Banding in the great dance

© 2016 Eddy Mann
Hissongs / ASCAP