From the recording IHS

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To gain, we must grant
To attain, we must bestow
To acquire, we must contribute
To assimilate, we must forgo

To heap, we must strew
To gather, we must scatter
To congregate, we must circulate
To accumulate, we must shatter

Water, and be watered
Water, and be watered

To reap, we must toil
To obtain, we must forsake
To accomplish, we must surrender
To consummate, we must unmake

To become spiritually sound
(we must) seek the spiritual soundness of others
To become spiritually glowing,
(we must) seek the spiritual glow of others
To become spiritually steadfast,
(we must) seek the spiritual steadfastness of others
To become spiritually lucid,
(we must) seek the spiritual lucidness of others

To earn, we must grind
To harvest, we must squander
To influence, we must discourage
To communicate, we must ponder

To get, we must give
To increase, we must decrease
To glean, we must work
To deliver, we must release

To reach, we must move
To arrive, we must delay
To secure, we must release
To unite, we must estray

© 2020 Eddy Mann
Hissongs / ASCAP