1. Kiss the Son

From the recording IHS

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There's a bad taste of escalating tension in my mouth
New heights of rage and unfamiliar noise in my house
Acquiescing actions just might calm all my distress
But all I read are [words of shade through a tinderboxing press 

Kiss the Son and surrender all your demons
Kiss the Son and surrender all your will
Kiss the Son and surrender all yournbutterflies
Kiss the Son and surrender

He who sits in the heaven laughs as judge and jury
Acerbic color fills the room as he paints all his fury
The one on holy hill holds the healing in his hand
But listening ears upon the heads must settle like grains of sand

Oh to dash their words to pieces shredding all the macramé 
Oh to be wise and to be warned of all that's in disarray 
Servant brother; caring sister, come to the understanding 
Come to peace, come to hope, come know love and unhanding

© 2020 Eddy Mann
Hissongs / ASCAP