From the recording IHS

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We all struggle from time to time, and in those moments there's a comfort in knowing that we're never alone. We may have our back turned away from Love, but Love never turns its back on us.

This song was inspired by a single line from a message. A good friend of mine was speaking and commented that we send more time in the valley than out. Those words jumped right out at me when I heard them, and the resulting song was prayerfully an outgrowth of that particular moment.


Down in the valley where angels fly low
I find I'm at peace with the darkness below
I'm never alone through the darkest of hours
Love is my favor and holy watchtower

Down in the valley where the soul grows strong
Where faith is revealed and the praises ring long
We cling to the promise made many moons ago
That our Saviour is with us wherever we go

Down in the valley where we journey toward peace
Way beyond understanding where worries do cease
We're never forsaken never left on our own
Our almighty Father never leaves us alone

© 2020 Eddy Mann
Hissongs / ASCAP