From the recording IHS

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You want what you want when you want it
It's an immediate burn that's unbridled
You say you deserve what it is you deserve 
In a word you inferred you're entitled

You don’t have the chill to be chill
It's a rose blooming wildflower
You've a weak constitution that needs absolution
In a word you incurred no willpower

You're living for the moment
Discounting what's to come
Making no arrangements 
Like the foolish virgins

Showing a lack of respect
To those who've bared your burdens 
Making no amends
Like the foolish virgins

You’d sooner quit than quit sooner
It's a matter of candy bar ethic
You're lame to temptation and short on motivation
In a word you deferred you're polemic

You're climbing the walls of desire
Need it, gotta have it right now
You're bereaved of future gratification
In a word you embrace the cash cow

© 2020 Eddy Mann
Hissongs / ASCAP