1. I in Them

From the recording Pray On

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Inspired by John 17:23


I in them and you in me and we in kind can change the world together
May we experience a unity like never before
A neighborhood of brotherhood and sisterhood as one together
How deep and broad we flow from shore to shore

I in them
I in them
I in them

There before an open door oh be not slow to enter
Narrow not but opened wide for all the world to see
Through stormy seas and should not be’s the message must be clear
My home’s your home come on home to a land that’s free

Oh how foolish even ghoulish is the cool list pedigree
The grind is long while every song can’t swing in harmony
So gather one as sister son and together we’ll endure
The banquet’s set with love as yet untapped so drink in freely

© 2019 Eddy Mann
Hissongs / ASCAP