From the recording Love Strands

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All my ways appeared pure
Flawless, faultless, I was flat out sure
But the King was weighing my spirit
Impetuous, enshrouded, and at best unfit

Hey, in the light of a king's face
Hey, live long and well
Hey, in the light of a king's face
Favor's sure to dwell

My way seemed so right to me
Honorable, ethical, no hint of remorse
But its destination was sure to my demise
Destruction, ruin, a quiet black horse

Everything's been made for its purpose
Objective, intention, anticipated contention
Even the grim for the day of burden
Misfortune, confusion, a cold dissolution

My gracious words are like a honeycomb
Merciful, compassionate, a loving maze
They are sweetness to my soul and bones
Amicable, accommodating, poetic patter plays

ⓒ 2019 Eddy Mann