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  1. He Remembers

From the recording He Remembers "Single"

A new single that was written back in the spring of 2016 and was inspired by a quote from novelist Elise Wisel, 'God is God because He remembers.'


He remembers my first breath of air
He remembers because He was there
And still my Maker is with me everywhere 
He remembers and He's with me now

He remembers the first word I said
He remembers what I turned and fled
And still my Father never turned His head
He remembers and He's with me now

He knows my pulse and the pulse of everything
Every moment ever lived and each created thing
He knows my name and the thoughts that cross my mind
He knows my heart, and the heart of all mankind

He remembers every tear I've sown
He remembers when I felt alone
And still my savior has never left me on my own
He remembers and He's with me now

©️ 2019 Eddy Mann