1. Deal With It

From the recording Stars Under My Feet

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I hear your argument in hushed tones
Chomping, to waken it's voice
Stirring the calm that enfolds my life
I'm a brother with a serious choice

I see your detour flashing brightly
Standing to vanquish my road
Leveeing the flow that envelopes my life 
I’m a pilgrim with a heavy load

There's another, and another, and another too!
There's always a reason to quit
I was warned, I was warned, I was warned what to expect
You gotta learn to deal with it

Dark clouds hovering, demand your covering
Discovering your way to deal
Better days up ahead, clear skies overhead
Peace will rise up when you kneel

I sense your issue lying in the tall grass
Primed up, to strike when I'm near
Bucking the peace that's newly acquired
I’m a dreamer with a conquered fear

© 2017 Eddy Mann
Hissongs | ASCAP