Interview: The Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio Show

Mary and I had a wonderful time interviewing our wonderful guest Eddy Mann. Eddy Mann definitely has been blessed with many gifts but music and songwriting is definitely his main talent and blessing. He has been super blessed being a worship leader and then being able to share more and more music with people. 

I really love his musical style. He has a lot of soul and feeling in his guitar playing and his songs have such a wonderful message. We went over his testimony and life in the interview and the back stories to his songs and their messages. 

The wonderful thing about Eddy is how he gets all people involved into God through his messages. He has done worship music but his songs speak to the secular world also. My favorite song by him is “All I Need is You” and as you will hear in the interview I love the video too. But it tells us all no matter what happens in our life all we need is God. 

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