He's Coming

Once again we find ourselves waiting expectantly through the season of advent. As I age, I find myself increasingly looking forward to this time of year. I love that we get to remake the set list by revisiting some of the ageless carols of Christmas past. It inevitably awakens the child in me. 

As I continue to grow in faith, it also touches a deeper level spiritually. Life is ever changing, and we’re ever evolving, and so it is that the arrival of advent continues to heighten my sensitivity towards those with less.

As I work on the music plans for this months events, I’m struck with the blessed life I get to live. In Luke 12:48 we read, “to whom much is given, much is required.” When I see the lives of those across our world I’m reminded of how much I have to share… my prayer is that you would join me in that sharing.

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