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Hi Friends, 

I'm writing this on the first day of summer and I've been overwhelmed with the weather we've had the past few weeks. The cool nights are a thing of beauty. They bring back so many youthful memories. Even the sun has dominated most our days filling them with a soft dry breeze that always inspires. 

Psalm 74:17 reminds us who is responsible for the cool nights and gentle summer breezes. It's God who desires to have those early evening conversations with us; to peacefully share times of fellowship and prayer; to join us in the awe of a beautiful sunset. 

I'm scheduling more time with Him this summer. I encourage you to do the same. Share a moment, be in conversation, get close!

Jamsphere Review: “Dig Love” offers up a zesty, seasoned stew of ... 

“Dig Love” is Eddy Mann’s prequel to “The Consequence” album, but an important stepping stone that leads him down the Americana, roots rock, and singer-songwriter traditions. It’s hard for me to be objective about this work as I just love and respect this music so much. 

Eddy Mann is, in my estimation, again one of those most underrated, overlooked artists of our time but I really don’t think it matters to him. Eddy has another calling, which is probably much more important to him than your ordinary ‘rock n’ roll stardom’ thing. 

On “Dig Love” Eddy Mann does what he does best…songs about people, songs about situations, and songs about love, redemption, and hope. 

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